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There are many different types of birds in Tennessee. Here at Tennessee Trappers we specialize in several different types of nuisance bird problems, from removing starlings from BATHROOM and DRYER VENTS to stopping large groups of PIGEONS from roosting on buildings and the occasional BIRDS IN A STORE. We offer COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL WILDLIFE REMOVAL.


Bird-VentIf you have birds nesting in your bathroom or dryer vents more than likely it is starlings. Starlings are similar to black birds, they have black plumage with yellow specks and yellow beaks. Birds that have made their home in your vents can cause MAJOR PROBLEMS from POOR CIRCULATION causing your clothes not to dry as normal , BIRD MITES and sometimes even FIRES. Birds that are nesting in your bathroom vents can also cause poor circulation due to the amount of nesting materials they stuff in these vents. As the birds are building their nests in these vents they sometimes puncture HOLES IN THE VENT LINES causing the moisture from the bathroom to escape into the ceilings and walls eventually causing MOLD. We specialize in the removal of the birds and there nests,clean up of droppings,  and installing new vent lines and preventing the return of the birds.


There are many different birds that you may find roosting on buildings and other structures. PIGEONS are one of the most common, all causing large amounts of DROPPINGS that are VERY UNSANITARY and annoying. We specialize in the REMOVAL and also the PREVENTION of these problems. We specialize in HUMANE TRAPPING to remove large groups of birds and also the installation of BIRD NETTING, BIRD SPIKES and several different types of deterrents.


Most of these problems are due to birds roosting or nesting near an entry or exit into the building that is constantly being opened and closed. If you have a bird in a place of business we will usually remove them after hours so it does not disturb your customers. We will then follow-up with an inspection to look for other  possible entry points, install BIRD NETTING or BIRD SPIKES to roosting areas to prevent further problems.


Areas of Service

Bedford, Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Hickman, Houston, Humphreys, Lewis, Macon, Marshall, Maury, Montgomery, Robertson, Rutherford, Smith, Stewart, Sumner, Trousdale, Williamson, Wilson

Josh and Mike, thank you so much for coming out and solving my possum problem. When I called at 7pm, I never thought that someone would come out on the same day. I will recommend your services to anyone that needs help with any wild animal. Thanks again!

Todd Dabbs
Nolensville, TN