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Skunk In Trap


In most cases, people do not realize they have a skunk problem until it is to late. One of the main signs you have a skunk problem is ” The Smell “. Don’t worry it can be taken care of with a special 100% ALL NATURAL ODOR TREATMENT that we apply in the crawl space, a/c unit, carpets etc. Skunk removal, skunk trapping and also skunk prevention  can be very tricky if not done the correct way. Here at Tennessee Trappers Wildlife Specialists, we use the latest in humane trapping and prevention methods, thats why  you will be givin an OUTSTANDING GURANTEE/ WARANTY so you can be assured you will not have a skunk problem in the future.


We know that a skunk problem can be one of the worst wildlife problems a homeowner can have due to THE HORRID SMELL. Thats why we have worked very hard to bring you the latest in odor control treatments. We offer a one of a kind 100% ALL NATURAL SKUNK ODOR REMOVAL TREATMENT, heres how it works…..After a skunk sprays the smell can be overwhelming causing eye irritation and sometimes shortness of breath. The smell will also begin to  soak into any poreus material such as clothes, carpets, drapes and even animals. The odor elimination treatment breaks apart the molecules that give off the unwanted odors. It contains no chemicles and is COMPLETELY SAFE FOR PETS AND HUMANS. The treatment will be applied to the entire inside of the home including, carpets, drapes, rugs, closets etc. pets (if needed) and sometimes walls (depending on the type of wall covering).It is GURANTEED NOT TO STAIN OR DISCOLOR ANY FABRICS . After the skunks are removed the treatment will then be applied to the area where the skunk was located, usually in the crawlspace.

Set Skunk Trap Air ConditionerGENERAL SKUNK INFO

The skunk is equipped with massive claws that allow them to dig through almost everything. The most common place a skunk is found is under the house, usually gaining access under the a/c unit , or through loose or damaged crawlspace vents.

If you have had problems with your a/c not blowing  hard or cold enough, more than likely the skunks have torn into your main trunk lines. They will tear the insulation away and use it for bedding for their nests.

Skunk problems should only be handled by  trained professionals, not only will they spray if not handled correctly but they are also the number one carrier of rabies. So dont delay call today for 24/7 skunk removal.. @ (615) 424-2586

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