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i called close to noon today to advise you that a critter was caught in one of your traps. thanks for getting here to rescue him as quickly as you did. granted, i dont want possible rabid skunks carrying on in my neighborhood, let alone in my yard but i dont want any animal harmed or have to needlessly suffer either. it was good to meet josh. thanks again. and next time theres a critter in the trap i will call you myself rather than expect it from someone else 🙂

Andi Anderson
Hamilton Lane

Josh got my husband out of the "dog house" after two months of everyone telling us we, my car and our house smelt like a skunk. Called Josh at 10:00 pm on a Thursday, Josh showed up bright and early at 9 am the next morning. I was expecting this Burly Bear kinda guy and he was the nicest young man. He got rid of the dead skunk and fixed the problem. He is
"Our Hero", thank you Josh.

Sylvia Jones



Within an hour of calling Tennessee Trappers Josh arrived to remove three baby squirrels that were trapped in the gutter. Josh not only retrieved the squirrels, but he also ensured no other critters were in the gutters by removing the gutter caps and cleaning out several other nests.

Thank you Josh for your prompt and professional service.

I highly recommend Tennessee Trappers to anyone looking for quality service at reasonable prices.

Rhonda Halsey
Nashville, TN

Thank you to Josh for taking care of our bird issue. We had birds getting in to two of our bathroom vents and building nests. Josh came out and took care of them quickly and we couldn't be happier! We would recommend Josh and Tennessee Trappers any day! Thanks so much!!
Charyl Catone

Charyl Catone
Spring Hill, TN

Tennessee Trappers are the real deal. These guys are knowledgeable about their business and care about their customer. We had a raccoon in the attic for a YEAR while using Wildlife Solutions. Finally, after a year and a ton of money down the drain, I decided to try another company. I called Tennessee Trappers, and within the first week, Josh had trapped our raccoon! Mike came out right away when we called him to remove the rascal. I wish I had found them the first time. Thanks so much!

Sarena Egan

We have had a persistent squirrel issue that has literally been waking our kids up at night but Josh did not give up on trapping the main culprit. The trap set yesterday was successful and Josh came back on this rather frigid evening and stayed late to make sure that little guy and his buddies cannot get back into our house. This is a great company who are honest and truly dedicated to customer service. Thanks!

Shannon Pollard

We are so impressed by your quick response to get the animal from the side of our home! And your price was the best around.

Your service was exceptional and you were really friendly. My boys had fun talking with you and they admire your work.

We will highly recommend you to everyone.

Jeff & Andrea
Brentwood, TN

I had a problem with who knows what in my crawlspace...well whatever it was they stopped the intruder and sealed the crawlspace up tight...fast, professional and reasonably priced...!!!

Chris Rouser

I came home to a snake in my garage, and called Tennessee Trappers. They were here within an hour and removed the snake immediately. Service was great! Very friendly and they know their critters! I would definitely recommend them, and will use them again.

Robbin Sinatra

Concerned about a strange acting skunk in our back yard, we called Tennessee Trappers and Josh was there within an hour. He did an excellent job trapping the skunk before leaving, and avoiding a couple of sprays from the skunk. Based on the skunk's actions, Josh expects to find it to be with rabies. I woll not hesatate to call Tennessee Trappers again if another annimal needs to be removed.

Jim Overmohle

My husband and I first thought that a skunk had sprayed our house outside. After four days of smelling it, I called Tennessee Trappers. Josh was at my house within a few hours and figured that we had a skunk in the crawlspace. He set traps but after 2 weeks of empty traps and us still smelling the odor, He and Mike came out and and finally found that we had a dead skunk under the plastic flooring in our crawlspace. They removed the skunk and plastic and deodorized the crawlspace. Josh came out several times during that 2 weeks within an hour of me calling him. You guys are awesome! Very friendly and eagar to help out. And very fair on pricing. I HOPE I NEVER HAVE TO CALL YOU AGAIN, but know that your service is impecable if I ever need your help again! Thanks so much!!

Rikki and Mike Hack

I just wanted to post how appreciative I was that these guys came out ASAP when I called at 10pm after I got home. When we got home our house smelled like death. They came out and after searching underneath the house, through all the ductwork, they were finally able to locate a live possum and a dead one. They did great work and my biggest compliment is that they came out on such short notice and took care of the problem. I would definitely refer them out to any of my family or friends.

John Abbas

Just wanted to say thanks for responding so fast to our call. We were really impressed with your skunk removal. My spouse stated that she has now met a "SKUNK WHISPERER" in Josh. I hope Josh is feeling better after being bitten by a brown recluse spider. We will definitely recommend your company to any one that has animal issues.

John & Deb Washburn
Greenbrier, TN

This morning my daughter woke up with a huge snake wrapped around her bookcase in her bedroom..., after lots of screaming and trying to decide what to do we call Tennesssee Trappers.., Mike Dickey called us right back,,and came within one hour, and was so calming and knowledgeable . We are so thankful that he came and saved the day. The snake is now in a field somewhere much happier as are WE....Thank you so so so so much...I highly recommend these guys, they know what they are doing,

Peggy Franks
Franklin, TN

Thanks so much to Mike and Josh for removing a family of squirrles that had been living in my attic. Their attitude made this process quite fun. If I called at 7pm or 7 am they were always there to remove any squirrles that were getting in through unsealed entry points. They also did all the repairs to the entry points and guaranteed their work for 5 years. I had called another company for the same problem and Tennessee Trappers was half the price of the other company. I would recommend anyone with an animal control problemm to call Mike and Josh. They also found in their inspection a wild cat living under my house. They removed and sealed the entry points under my house also. GREAT EXPERIENCE! GREAT PRICE!

Lesa Melone
Hendersonville, TN

just wanted to say thanks for coming out today. the skunk smell this morning was the worst smell i have ever smelled.I had no idea how it had gotten under the house but you were able to quickly locate his burrow and eliminate the odor. ill let you know when we have caught it. thanks
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Lebanon, TN

We want to sincerely thank Tennessee Trappers for responding quickly to take care of an issue we had with a skunk and possum fighting for territory in the basement of our office. On the morning of July 27th, the skunk smell permeated throughout our office building (including our air ducts) which is actually a house. We knew immediately there was a problem and the skunk was probably still in the basement. We called Tennessee Trappers and they responded in a matter of a few hours and removed the skunk from our basement. They set traps as a precaution to hopefully catch any other animals that might be lingering. Low and behold, we were able to catch a pregnant possum in the trap. Needless to say, we can breathe a sigh of relief because Tennessee Trappers did an excellent job in getting our office environment back to normal. Thank you so very much.

Strong Tower Bible Church
Franklin, TN

Moles were destroying our flower beds. Mike at Tennessee Trappers came out promptly and placed traps in the flower beds. He checked the traps weekly and even added more than the original 6 traps. After a month our flower beds are free of Moles. Great service and friendly staff. Thanks, Mike.

Amy Wright
Brentwood, TN

Thanks a lot Josh for the help! I really appreciate the quick response and the thorough investigation of my property. Josh was even kind enough to tell me how to take care of some of the repairs on my own. I recommend TN Trappers to anyone with a pest problem.

J Hersko
Nashville, TN

Thanks so much to Josh Miller for helping out my grandparents with a opossum problem!! He came out in no time and was of great help, considering my grandparents were going to try and get it themselves. Bad deal! He was helpful, professional, and efficient. I'll definitely be calling on him again for future needs!

Katie Clinard
Greenbrier, TN

I own my own business and deal with people everyday. The joke around here is that "customer service is dead".... Not with TN Trappers. I found skunks under the house and called on Sunday morning - 3 other services first, and left voice mails, which have still not been returned. When I called TN Trappers, Mike answered the phone and came out later that day. He even called to let me know a job he was on was going a little late but he was still on his way. My experience with Mike was fantastic, a truly great customer service experience.

If you have animal/pest problems, don't waste your time with any other company, give these guys a call. The skunks are gone, THANKS to Mike!

John Gibson
Brentwood, TN

We knew we had something in our attic and I thought I could take care of it myself. Wrong. Mike and Josh were both up till midnight locating the critters and setting traps. 6 trapped coons later, we are finally free of the intruders. These guys were available to come out 24-7. They earned every penny.

John Lewis
Nashville, TN

Totally impressed. I called on a Sunday and within 1 1/2 Josh arrived at my home, within another 30 minutes he had found, caught and removed snakes from my attic. He was helpful in pointing out the entry points in the home so that I can handle the repairs myself, and also informed me of some other issues that needed my attention and whom I could contact to rectify the matter. Josh was super friendly and even took some time out of his Sunday to visit after the work was done. I give my highest recommendation for the job, and cost of service. Thank you so much!

Katherine Friday
Cross Plains, TN

We had a family of raccoons living in the floor below us. Josh came and expertly trapped and removed them and took them to raccoon paradise...thanks Tennessee Trappers!

Joseph Pellecchia
Nashville, TN

Thanks for your professional help in taking care of the birds nesting in our fan and dryer vents. I will recommend Tennessee Trappers to anyone experiencing problems with animals/wildlife. Josh and Mike were very responsive to our needs, took care with our property and did a great job. Thanks for your hard work!

Jeff Dempsey

Mike is Awesome!!! Our dog (Chelsea) found a snake that had crawled up in to the undercarriage of our SUV. We tried for over two hours to coax it out but it was stuck up in there very well and wasn't€™t budging. A quick call to Mike Dickey at Tennessee Trappers and he came to our house within half an hour and had the snake out within 15 minutes! These guys are really great, quick, and a lot less expensive than some of the other companies I called. They also did this after-hours without any issue. Many of the other companies that I called were going to double their price just to come out after five! Needless to say, Tennessee Trappers is on my speed dial now and they€™ have earned our business for life!

David & Starla Barker
Madison, TN

Thank you so much for coming out so quickly and helping me with squirrels in my back yard. Mike is the greatest. I highly recommend him and his services. Thanks again Mike.

Deanna DeBerry
Madison, TN

Josh and Mike, thank you so much for coming out and solving my possum problem. When I called at 7pm, I never thought that someone would come out on the same day. I will recommend your services to anyone that needs help with any wild animal. Thanks again!

Todd Dabbs
Nolensville, TN

Thanks for coming out so quickly today. Another company couldn't come until next week but Mike came in a couple of hours of my call. He even called to say he was running a few minutes late. I appreciated his thoughtfulness. They were friendly, professional, and thoughtful. I will definitely recommend Tennessee Trappers to anyone who has an animal issue.

A Moore
Mount Juliet, TN

Mike and Josh were so awesome! We have been trying to catch a severely injured duck for MONTHS and thanks to their experiences and tireless efforts over 3 days they have captured the poor little guy and he's on his way to healing and a better life. I can not say enough about how much they went through and how concerned they were for this poor duck! Thanks so much guys!

Robin Black
Gallatin, TN

Thanks so much to Mike and Josh for removing a family of squirrels that had been living in my attic. Their attitude made this process quite fun. If I called at 7pm or 7 am they were always there to remove any squirrels that were getting in through unsealed entry points. They also did all the repairs to the entry points and guaranteed their work for 5 years. I had called another company for the same problem and Tennessee Trappers was half the price of the other company. I would recommend anyone with an animal control problem to call Mike and Josh. They also found in their inspection a wild cat living under my house. They removed and sealed the entry points under my house also. GREAT EXPERIENCE! GREAT PRICE!

Lesa Melone
Hendersonville, TN

We were getting ready to add more insulation in our attic and one company suggested that we should eliminate the squirrels (they saw tracks) before we did that. Mike came immediately and spent almost a month trapping and removing numerous squirrels and re-sealing their entry points. He came quickly each time I found another squirrel in the trap, all hours and seven days a week. Our new insulation is now doing its job thanks to his professional and friendly service.

Linda Bernhardt
Nashville, TN

Just wanted to say thanks for your FAST response to my call today. I had no idea that those birds could do so much damage in such a short amount of time. I will definitely recommend you to any one i know dealing with animal issues.

Mike Lizowski
Nashville, TN

I am so impressed with the work of Tennessee Trappers. The first night I called them because I had a skunk that had made a home out of mine. They came out, set traps and removed the smell from my home. I had to call them back out the next night because of a snake in my garage. They came out promptly, treated my home and removed the snake. I felt so bad since I disrupted Josh from a birthday party, Sorry again Josh. I highly recommend their services.

Elaine White

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